Your Genogram

A genogram is a diagram of your family or significant group of people that shows a relationship pattern to you.

Genogram information includes:

  • ~ Names
  • ~ Birth, death, marriage, and other significant dates
  • ~ Education, career, health, and other demographic information

This website extends the historical purpose of the genogram and its role in studying family dynamics by expanding the range of data collected and including an event tracker. The website and its underlying database:

  • ~ Collects, stores, organizes, and reports on family information
  • ~ Tracks events in time and correlates them to your personal family database

Created as a way to easily implement the Name-Date Method, the genogram website allows you the means to develop, strengthen and sustain your family and relationships.

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Subscriptions Include:
  • ~ access to the online website and database for one year
  • ~ your custom personal genogram creation (with up to three updates)
  • ~ information and tips on family research
  • ~ for gold members, a professional reading of your personal genogram